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What Makes Designer Coffee So Special

When it comes to getting your fix of coffee in the morning or even throughout the day you want to make sure that you’re getting something that tastes good, right? But you don’t want it just to taste good. You want it to also have some good health benefits. After all, regular coffee isn’t bad for you. Why not get something that can give you even more in the long run? Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get with Designer Coffee. You’ll get some great flavour and you’ll get health benefits from each of these ingredients.


Designer Coffee Special Ingredient #1 - Ganoderma

This plant is actually native to several Asian countries, and they’ve found a number of health benefits to it as well. In fact, they’ve used it for those health benefits for quite a long time. It’s believed to promote both spiritual health and immortality. Plus, they believe that it represents overall success and power. All of that definitely seems like a good reason to try out this ingredient. Of course, there has been some research related to its benefits as well. So, let’s see a little more about what the research has found.

The research seems to suggest that this product can help improve your immunity, lower your cholesterol and even help reduce inflammation. There are a number of ingredients that mimic some of the benefits commonly associated with coffee including decreased fatigue, improved memory, increased energy and even decreased stress. Overall, this is considered a high level antioxidant that can help you improve your health. When combined with many of the other ingredients we have below, it can definitely help you feel and be better. Not to mention it helps improve the overall flavour of the coffee itself.

lions mane

Designer Coffee Special Ingredient #2 - Lions Mane

This mushroom is native to several Asian countries, including Japan, Korea, China and India and it’s traveling all over the world for a reason. It’s able to be eaten in just about any way you could want and it provides health benefits to the heart, the gut and the brain. At least, that’s what the research and fans seem to believe about this one. There are definitely some good reasons to include it in this coffee, because it seems to help those who struggle with a number of different health conditions.

Lion’s Mane can be good for preventing dementia, relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety, improving nervous system injuries, decreasing the risk of ulcers, managing diabetes, decreasing the risk of heart disease, fighting cancer, reducing inflammation and even improving the immune system. If you can get all of those benefits from just one ingredient it seems like a no brainer to put it into something that you’re taking every day.

This ingredient helps to give our coffee an even better flavour and also makes sure you’re getting all-around benefits when it comes to your health. There’s nothing lacking here.

Learn more about Lion's Mane


Designer Coffee Special Ingredient #3 - Chaga

These mushrooms are actually native to colder areas of the world, so we’re traveling a little bit away from Asia where the others ones are located. These mushrooms come from areas like Russia, Alaska, northern Canada and even Northern Europe. But they’re definitely worth the trek because they provide a number of health benefits. In fact, the Russians have used them for centuries as a form of traditional medicine. It has to be doing something right for them to continue to use these ingredients that way for so long, right?

The truth is, there are a number of potential benefits that have been tied to Chaga. These include increased immune system function, decreased inflammation, decreased cancer risk, decreased blood sugar levels, and decreased cholesterol. All of these things are most definitely going to help you and when it comes to side effects you only have a few things to consider. For example, those with autoimmune disorders or those taking certain medications might see negative interactions, while most others will see no health problems as a result of taking this product. Still, more research is being done for all of the side effects, but the small quantities included in our designerCOFFEE are generally safe for anyone.


Designer Coffee Special Ingredient #4 - Cordyceps

This ingredient may seem a little strange when you find out what it is, but its health benefits are definitely unmatched, which is why it’s continued to be used in a number of health related ways. It’s actually a type of parasitic fungi and it grows on insect larvae. Before you get too caught up in just what that means or how that all works, however, there are a number of things that you should know about this ingredient. It actually has a whole lot of health benefits that you’re not going to want to miss.

It’s been found to improve athletic performance and some also suggest that it’s good for things like decreasing fatigue, decreasing urination at night, improving longevity and even a number of more serious health conditions. Other users have touted it’s ability to help with strength, sex drive, type 2 diabetes, heart health, and even reducing the risk of tumours. While more research is still being done to confirm some of these findings, the feedback from users is that it’s a great ingredient for a range of different health needs. That was reason enough for us to include it in our product.


Designer Coffee Special Ingredient #5 - Ginseng

This is an ingredient that you’ve likely heard of. It’s one that’s rather common throughout the world and that means it’s one that you might already be taking in some way or another. But do you really know all of the health benefits that are associated with ginseng? Do you know why so many health supplements use it?

Well, we looked into it because we wanted to use all of the best products for our coffee. What we found is that there are plenty of reasons that this plant, native to both America and Asia, is included in so many different health products.

Ginseng is believed to help increase energy, decrease blood sugar, increase relaxation, decrease cholesterol levels, decease stress, improve diabetes and even help improve sexual dysfunction for males

Those benefits have been found in both varieties of the product as well. All of those things are contributing factors to why so many different supplements include this product. They’re also reasons that we decided to include it in our . It also has a slightly bitter taste that can give our coffee a little bit more body and a well-rounded aspect to it that we knew you would like.


Designer Coffee Special Ingredient #6 - Astragalus

This product is an herb that’s actually been used commonly in Chinese medicine. It’s used with other herbs as well that include licorice, ginseng (which we just talked about) and dong quai. With so many different varietals available, they each seem to have similar health benefits and have been used as dietary supplements for centuries. You can even put this herb into a range of different products and people have been using it in teas and soups for a long time. That’s why we knew it would be a great fit for our designerCOFFEE as well.

Atragalus has already been used for conditions such as diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, hepatitis, fibromyalgia, fatigue and anorexia. The main reasons we decided it would be such a great ingredient for our product was that it’s been known to improve energy, immune function and stress

All of these things are what you’re looking for when you pick up your first cup of coffee in the morning. Not to mention you’re going to get all of the things you want out of your coffee and then some added health benefits and protections at the same time. That’s an even better result.

tongkat ali

Designer Coffee Special Ingredient #7 - Tongkat Ali

The final primary ingredient that we’ve chosen to include is this one, because it’s a commonly used herb for traditional medicine. There has to be a reason that it’s continued to be used for this long, right? Well, there is. Tongkat Ali is used throughout Southeast Asia because it seems to show some great benefits in a number of different health conditions. While we didn’t put it into our coffee for some of these reasons, they’re definitely going to give you another reason to have a cup (though who needs an excuse to have a great tasting cup of coffee throughout the day?).

This herb is used for things like fever, erectile dysfunction and even bacterial infections. It could even be useful for improving fertility in males, decreasing stress levels and improving overall body composition

All of these potential benefits are still being researched, but users have definitely touted the benefits and feel that they are getting vast improvement from this herb. That, along with the fact that it’s been used for so many centuries, was enough for us to decide that this ingredient was definitely going to be useful for our coffee and for all of our users.

What You're Getting

When it comes to our Designer Coffee you’re getting a product that has been developed with being healthy in mind. We’ve gone through hundreds of different herbs, mushrooms and other supplements to decide just which ingredients are going to provide you with the right benefits. And we’ve looked at the way that these ingredients interact with each other to make sure you get as good of benefits as you possibly can. After all, you want to make sure that you’re going to feel great after you have that morning cup of coffee, right?

In fact, when we developed the formula we developed it with one big idea only. What kind of drink would we want to drink every day whilst getting maximum benefits.

With Designer Coffee you’re getting the benefit of centuries of people that have come before you. You’re getting herbs and ingredients that have long been used for traditional medicine and that have a variety of health benefits that could make you an all-around healthier person. And you get to take all of them in one drink that you will definitely want to have in the morning anyway. That’s because this coffee is not only going to be good for you, but it’s also going to taste great, giving you the pep talk and the fast start that you’ve been waiting for.

You don’t need to settle for modern coffee products that include a lot of chemicals and ingredients that are manufactured in a lab. Instead, Designer Coffee is natural and it provides you with benefits in a safe and natural way. Each of these herbs can provide you with something unique. They also come directly from nature. We don’t add chemicals or preservatives or other ingredients that you don’t want to put into your body. As soon as you take a look and try out this coffee for yourself you’re going to see just why it’s the next best thing in getting you ready for the day.

Try It For Yourself

If you’re ready to get all of the best health benefits possible in the morning then you’re ready to try Designer Coffee. This product is going to provide you with more than you even knew you could get in just a single drink. After all, we’ve spent a long time on the research and the process of creating this unique product. We knew that it needed to taste good and that it needed to actually be good for you, so we took the time to find the best ingredients from around the world to put in it.

If you’re already an avid coffee drinker this will be a product you can switch to in no time. If you’ve never been a big coffee drinker you’re still going to love the flavour and the complexity of this one. It’s going to give you a unique taste that comes from combining seven of the top herbs, mushrooms and natural ingredients that are currently available in the world as we know it. When you can get that many health benefits without taking a supplement, you’re definitely on the right track, don’t you think? We definitely think you’re going to be more than happy with the results that you see from Designer Coffee.

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